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Apathy is not the answer!

In simple terms, Launchpad help small businesses get more customers and sales using online advertising...

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Step by step...
First things first...
Keeping the main thing, the main thing.

"The world's the same now as it was then...

I still need new customers - the main thing that's changed is how I find them, or they find me..."

Every business needs to advertise.
You need to advertise.

We have the systems and processes that take the hassle and complexity away from getting your business seen by the right people.

Effective marketing strategies... an area that's growing every year

We'll use our expertise to craft proven online campaigns which drive prospective clients and leads into your business venture.


For most businesses we start with Lead Generation - building systems for clients that generate 'Customers Now'.

Once we've established we can deliver results for you, we'll add additional value to your business by implementing longer term strategies that protect your brand online (we call it Reputation Management) and drive traffic to your website through search engine rankings (SEO) - think of this as 'Customers Later'.